Considering buying real estate in Hawaii? Be sure that you made a perfect choice. The Hawaiian real estate market can please you with its stable prices, high rent prices (so it is profitable to buy real estate in Hawaii) and low interest rate. But these are not the only reasons why you should buy real estate here. Hawaii is a popular international resort so you could acquire a small part of it and get the opportunity to rest here or to rent out your flat or house. Besides, you can get the flat/house with a romantic view of the ocean.


If you have decided to buy the real estate in Hawaii, let me introduce you with the whole procedure of our cooperation.


  1. I can give you in-person or phone consultation or you can even ask me your questions via e-mail. The main goal of the first consultation is the exchange of information. You should tell me what kind of real estate you are looking for, the area of its location, your preferences and requirements to it, and, of course, your financial capacity. This information can give me the idea of what you are really looking for and what I can offer to you. In my turn, I can give you the whole picture of the Hawaiian real estate market, its features and laws and introduce you with the buying procedure.
  2. Mortgage broker. Before we start searching the real estate, you should consult a mortgage broker. If you need a mortgage to buy a real estate, the mortgage broker issues you a pre-approval letter confirming you can afford to pay the mortgage. If you don’t need a mortgage and you can pay the whole amount at once you need just the asset verification letter confirming you have the sufficient amount of funds on your deposit. I can help you to find a reliable mortgage broker who renders his/her services for an affordable price. A competent broker will help you save your time.
  3. Showing available real estate. Next, we can start looking for the flat/house basing on the price range that fits your finances and your criteria to your future real estate. We can view flats/houses on-line and then see those you liked in person. It is very important to look at your potential property in person to evaluate its condition to determine its advantages and disadvantages and define whether it corresponds to the price established by the seller or not.
  4. Document preparation.  So, eventually you found the house/flat of your dreams and you are absolutely sure you want to buy it. At this stage I contact a seller’s agent to find out the seller’s requirements that will help us to prepare a complete package of the documents. And besides that we discuss the price, terms and conditions of the purchase deal. If so required, I can open a real estate inspection to make sure about its good condition.
  5. Real estate is yours.  All the procedure of buying real estate is over and you are a lucky owner of the Hawaiian real estate.

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